Our little project


The basic idea is quite simple. We wanted to develop the idea of what a classroom poster about mathematics is. We wanted to create images about the kind of mathematics that students will actually encounter at school, and we wanted them to be both lovely to look at and thoughtfully designed so as to provoke questions and curiosity about the ideas they are showing. We both like the idea that classrooms and/or school corridors deserve to be cared for and thoughtfully decorated so as to create environments that people take pride in and are conducive to what is supposed to happen in schools. Of course, on the surface, art can be a matter of taste and below the surface contain a world of intention and not everyone is going to see it the same way. Honestly, we see these posters helping to make schools look nice, we see students walking past or staring at them and not thinking about it at all at first, but we hope that bit by bit they might make connections with things that happen in their classrooms and provoke some curiosity and activity. Perhaps teachers will use the images as inspiration for classroom activity, perhaps they will just put them on the wall and see what happens. We have made ten for now, but there are more in production and an endless source of ideas.


We hope you like what we have done and that you'll consider adding some of this thoughtful curiosity to your walls.

About us

Pierre and Jim have been good friends for many years. Jim is a mathematics teacher at the International school of Toulouse and Pierre is a primary school teacher in the Gers. (The great undiscovered secret of the South of France) and part time graphic artist. Pierre is the artist and Jim is the Mathematician. After years of subjecting Pierre to stories about the wonder that is mathematics, they came up with the idea to merge their interests. They can talk for a long time about mathematical ideas and then Pierre will go away and explore ways to provoke thought about this idea in an image. We have some terrific discussions about mathematics and the posters.


Ce n'est pas comme avec Jim, Pierre n'a pas toujours été très ami avec les maths ! Mais après quelques moments de vacances passés ensemble, Jim a réussi à le convaincre  de la beauté caché des maths. Si Pierre avait  pu être séduit alors des milliers d'élèves pouvaient l'être aussi. Voilà un pari passionnant à relever : tenter de révéler la beauté de la nature mathématique !


These are posters of images crafted around mathematical ideas designed for the walls of your classroom or corridors. The images have been carefully conceived so as to combine the artists aesthetic view of mathematics with a medium for provoking curiosity about mathematics.